About HRCM

This online resource center on Human Rights was created for the purpose of assisting human rights defenders, human rights researchers, students and all interested parties particularly in Malaysia to freely access into human rights articles, ebooks, video clips, human rights movies etc. The materials listed here would not ONLY focus on human rights but other related issues such as politics, economy, social structures, society, significant historical events etc.


The blog administrator would also appreciate it if visitors or anyone who downloads materials for their paper or research to add a comment or two and if possible to upload or attached a copy of their paper to be published in this blog. The email of this blog is :


Human rights organisations and NGOs are most welcome to comment and contribute to this repository to make it one of the leading online human rights resource center in the world. This blog is after all dedicated to YOU, the brave and courageous human rights defenders and activists who work under enormous pressure and constraints daily. You are Malaysia’s unsung heroes.  All Malaysians honour and salute you.


August 2008.




The Human Rights Resource Center Malaysia is strictly an individual’s initiative to protect and promote Human Rights particularly in Malaysia. Any financial contributions or offers for funding are most welcome. Please email at:


( Most of the ebooks, reports, documents and articles are in the pdf or doc format. Therefore we’ll be linking them to other websites except for some. Sometimes, you’ll have to download them from other file sharing hosts such as rapidshare, megaupload, 4shared, file factory, easy share etc. I forsee that some links may be broken in the future so I do appreciate if you’ll let me know. )

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Could you please send me information(all procedures how to ask asylum as well as reception centers for asylum seekers) about asylum seeker policy for foreign asylum seekers or refugees in Malaysia or can I ask asylum after my travel or visit from Immigration Department or Ministry of Interior Malaysia or reception center for asylum seekers to ask protection to my right?.Also could you please send me website address for association of lawyers in Malaysia.

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